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Our Initiative
Star Finserv is equipped to help SMEs on the growth path with a combination of capital and advisory. Along with providing loans for small businesses, Star Finserv provides its extensive experience in creating, managing and sustaining businesses in the form of ready to use tools, frameworks and templates.

Know the fine print before you take a loan.

There are lot of loan options to choose from. There are varying interest rates, different tenures, various discounts and offers and shifting the loan to another lender to get lower interest rate – the options are many. But, which is the best one that suits your wallet.
Different types of loans
  • Personal Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Auto Loan (also known as Car Loan, Used Car Loan)
  • Education Loan
  • Loan against collateral
  • Loans for SMEs or businesses
"It is easy to get a loan unless you need it" - Norman Augustine